Jon Arsenault

I currently live and work in Asheville, North Carolina and have been here since 1996. I can not imagine living any where else that has a such a strong and supportive local arts and small business based community.  I am a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild and have taught and completed residencies and assistantships at craft centers such as Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts, Penland School for the Craft, and John C Campbell folk school.

Firing Process

I work in reduction fired stoneware pottery and fire to cone 10. This means that during the firing process I starve the kiln of oxygen at certain times, which places the kiln in a "reducing" atmosphere. At this point, the fire pulls oxides from the clay body and the glaze, changing the chemical makeup and therefore the color. At the temperatures that I fire the kiln to (cone 10 or roughly 1400 degrees) many of the colors produced are earth tones. I use a variety of glazes and sometimes cover the work with a porcelain slip to create a white background for the translucent ones. The reduction firing process brings iron to the surface of the pot producing brown and black flecks all over the surface of the opaque glazes.